In keeping with the Integrated Design Lab’s desire to further sustainable design, most of the research conducted by the lab is freely available for download. Information contained within these publications is free to use, however, the IDL requests that credit is given when the material is presented to others.



Daylighting Design In The Pacific Northwest (2012)

In addition to conserving energy, the use of daylight in architecture can be a powerful aesthetic tool. The effective employment of natural lighting is an important component of sustainable design, and some of the best work in this area comes from the Northwest. This practice-based book focuses on fourteen projects ranging from schools to community centers to office buildings to a garbage/recycling center.

Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Health in the Built Environment

High Performance Hospitals

pacific northwest t100 full

Targeting 100! 2010 Pacific Northwest Full Report

This research, Targeting 100!, provides a conceptual framework and decision-making structure at a schematic design level of precision for hospital owners, architects and engineers to radically reduce energy use in hospitals. Following the goals of Architecture 2030 and The 2030 Challenge, it offers access to design strategies and the cost implications of those strategies for new hospitals to utilize 60% less energy. The name, Targeting 100!, comes from the 2030 Challenge energy reduction goal for hospitals; a 60% energy use reduction from typical acute care hospital targets approximately 100 KBtu/SF Year, thus the name “Targeting 100!”.

The Bullitt Center: Case Studies

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