Generating Art from Simulation

While working on a series of daylighting studies for an Atelier Jones designed chapel, the role of simulation in the creation of art came under scrutiny. The studies, performed by Michael Gilbride and graduate students Nicole Peterson and Justin Schwartzhoff, focused primarily on the size, orientation, and transparency of the skylights and sidelights bordering a cross laminated timber (CLT) sculptural piece on the north wall of the chapel. The CLT wall’s design was intended to mimic a fabric curtain and was therefore open to a variable shape. This suggested that, instead of altering the window conditions, dramatic lighting conditions could be incorporated into the piece itself. To test this, the lab pursued a mixture of daylighting simulations, parametric scripting, and genetic algorithms in an effort to generate a more perfect form for the wall. Continue reading

Diva Day 2014

DIVA Day is October 2nd in Seattle!

DIVA Day is here and is right around the corner.  DIVA is a plug-in for Rhino that performs daylight analysis and energy modelling , and the annual gathering is here and is soon.  For more information go to their website:

The IDL recently spent some time experimenting with DIVA and other Rhino plug-ins including Grashopper and Galapagos and submitted the work to the student competition.

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