What We Do


The Integrated Design Lab carries out research to advance knowledge and policies that support the healthiest and highest performing buildings and cities. It measures and analyzes modeled and actual building performance data so as to influence the building industry’s understanding of how to radically improve the design and operation performance of buildings. Our performance research includes energy efficiency, daylighting, electric lighting, occupant energy use behavior, human health and productivity in buildings, and advanced building management systems.


The Integrated Design Lab transfers the findings of its research through guidance and technical assistance to leading building industry partners. As consultants to project teams across North America, the IDL provides guidance through its advanced modeling and monitoring capabilities in building energy use, integrated lighting, daylighting, heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. These advanced design and engineering skills are transferred to its building industry partners through the delivery of radically more sustainable buildings and communities.


The Discovery Commons connects its discoveries and the transformative knowledge of others to the building industry and public through education. These offerings include classes, workshops, focus-group meetings, leadership forums and exhibits of breakthrough technologies. The Discovery Commons will transform the market for the highest performing buildings by reaching out and educating today’s and tomorrow’s leaders in how to meet 21st c. building performance challenges with the knowledge and policies that favor renewable and regenerative buildings, neighborhoods and cities.