Our Platform

There wasn’t a single office building in the world designed to address the environmental challenges of the 21st Century, so the Bullitt Foundation built one. The Bullitt Center, the most sustainable urban office building in the world, is a giant leap forward for the building industry. It brings reality to key concepts of urban ecological design, where all environmental and resource concerns are addressed in one place without harming people or the land, air, and water. It is a visionary project that can change the world.

We chose to walk the talk of living sustainability when we chose to relocate to the Bullitt Center where we will monitor and publish the results of the building’s highly advanced design expectations calibrated with real-world operations. The UW Center for Integrated Design, with the support of its partnership with the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, is using the Bullitt Center as a living laboratory, a platform for state-of-the-art high performance building research, design guidance and education. The Center for Integrated Design is helping to realize this urban ecological vision with research, guidance to our constituencies and educational events including classes, exhibits, tours, and gatherings that draw hundreds of visitors weekly to our location at the world benchmark and living laboratory for building performance, the Bullitt Center.