About the CID

The Center for Integrated Design is operated by the Department of Architecture in the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington. The Center is a self-sustaining service that includes interdisciplinary faculty, staff, students, professional collaborators and partner organizations.

The mission of the Center for Integrated Design is to discover solutions that overcome the most difficult building performance barriers, and to meet the building industry’s goals of moving towards radically higher performing buildings and healthy urban environments.

The Center for Integrated Design, composed of the Integrated Design Lab and the Discovery Commons, builds knowledge through discovery, advocacy and education about high performance built environments that better serve the health of people and the planet. The Center discovers new technologies and strategies for deeply higher building performance through funded research activities within its Integrated Design Laboratory, the IDL. The faculty of the Center’s IDL provide design guidance through the transfer of these new strategies and technologies to building project teams and industry partners. The Center’s faculty are advocates through their education and outreach activities. These outreach activities are supported by and provided through the Center’s Discovery Commons.