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A new exhibit opens at the Discovery Commons at the UW Center for Integrated Design

Nexus - ZGF exhibit opening gathering
Nexus – ZGF exhibit opening gathering

The “Nexus” exhibit, developed by ZGF Architects, showcases eight of the firm’s revolutionary examples of high-performance design ranging in size and scope from mixed-used buildings and healthcare facilities to a large-scale Ecodistrict plan. The projects demonstrate ZGF’s commitment to stewardship of the natural environment and resources as well as the creation of built environments that foster and support high-performance people. The exhibit features two groundbreaking net-zero energy projects—the J. Craig Venter Institute in La Jolla, California and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Headquarters in Agoura Hills, California—both of which employ sustainability strategies such as on-site harvesting of solar energy, natural ventilation and daylighting, and the integration of high-efficiency building systems to optimize performance. Each of the highlighted projects responds to their individual environment with a wide range of approaches to long-term sustainability, demonstrating ZGF’s philosophy that excellence should be reflected in every aspect of a building—its fit within the community, its function and relationship to users, and its use of resources. ZGF, an award-winning architectural, planning, and interior design firm with over 500 employees nationwide, is an industry leader and pioneer in sustainable design with over 65 projects that have been, or are registered to be, LEED-Platinum, -Gold, or –Silver certified.

The exhibit’s featured projects include:

• Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Headquarters, Agoura Hills, CA
• Federal Center South Building 1202, Seattle, WA
• J. Craig Venter Institute, La Jolla, CA
• Rocky Mountain Institute, Office Building, Basalt, CO
• Seattle Children’s Hospital Building Hope: Cancer and Critical Care Expansion, Seattle, WA
• State of Washington, 1063 Block Replacement Project, Olympia, WA
• SW Ecodistrict, Washington, DC
• Twelve | West Mixed-Use Building, Portland, OR

To visit the exhibit, and the Bullitt Center, please visit for various tour and event options.

AIA Seattle – Getting to Zero Workshop Series

Getting to Zero logo

Getting to Zero, a comprehensive, cutting-edge curriculum, builds on the success of the AIA+2030 series and responds to the expressed needs of Seattle AIA members who wish to move to the next level of delivering high performance buildings. This innovative four-part series will focus on leading participants through the next target of the 2030 Challenge – 70% reduction – and beyond. Through case studies, presentations, and panel discussions, participants will explore both the technical skills and cross-disciplinary approaches essential for the design, construction, and operation of net zero energy buildings.

All sessions will take place at Seattle City Hall, 8:30am – 1pm.

  • Nov 7 Market Realities & The Value Proposition for Net Zero Energy Buildings
  • Dec 5 Integrated Design & Process for Net Zero Energy Buildings
  • Jan 9 Building & Operating Net Zero Energy Buildings
  • Feb 6 Long-Term Operations for Net Zero Energy Buildings

Speaker Line-Up: Joel Loveland | Mark Frankel | Heather Flint Chatto | Molly McCabe | Ray Johnston | Jesse Anderson | Mark Garff | Ginger Garff | Elizabeth Rinehart | Mike Hatten | Jim Hanford | Margaret Sprug | Justin Stenkamp | Greg Belding | Casey Schuchart | Chris Faul | Angela Faul | Amanda Sturgeon | Chris Meek | Tom Marseille | Jack Avery | Patrick Brunner | Lisa Petterson | Matthew Braun | Judith Heerwagen | Rob Harmon

Heather Burpee speaking at AHCA Seminar

Targeting 100, Achieving High-Performance in Hospital Design

September 23rd at 8am in Orlando, Florida

Ms Burpee will present some of the exciting and paradigm changing work she has been doing in the area of reducing the energy consumption of Hospitals through the program Targeting Targeting 100!

Targeting 100! is grounded in the local realities of hospital design, construction and operation in each region. The UW’s research team at the Integrated Design Lab met with over 200 stakeholders in a series of workshops held in each of the six study regions with the goal of getting on-the-ground feedback on the project’s preliminary findings and on the best region-specific approaches to achieve deep energy savings and balanced capital investment.

As part of her work with the IDL, Ms. Burpee has established thorough research on energy efficiency of hospitals working with leading architects and mechanical engineers to establish goals to radically reduce energy consumption in this building typology, while maintaining high quality healing and work environments. This work bridges practice, research, and education with collaboration between practitioners, faculty, and students.

In the past three years, Ms. Burpee has traveled extensively in Northern Europe studying innovative design and its applicability to design practice in the United States. This research included collaboration with leading experts in sustainability in Stockholm, Sweden and several international architecture and mechanical engineering firms in Scandinavia.

Diva Day 2014

DIVA Day is October 2nd in Seattle!

DIVA Day is here and is right around the corner.  DIVA is a plug-in for Rhino that performs daylight analysis and energy modelling , and the annual gathering is here and is soon.  For more information go to their website:

The IDL recently spent some time experimenting with DIVA and other Rhino plug-ins including Grashopper and Galapagos and submitted the work to the student competition.

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